Programa de Pacientes Disfruto mi Salud
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Who can participate in this program?
Any patient who is prescribed any of the products that participate in CelebrateLife.

How long will it take to redeem the benefits?
You can redeem your exchange in a participating pharmacy whenever you wish, as long as you have enough valid purchases needed as per the Exchange Table. Your purchases are valid and remain in your CelebrateLife account for 1 year after the date of the purchase.

Is CelebrateLife a temporary promotion?
This is a long-term program that seeks the patients' welfare.

If I don't have a prescription form can I sign up for the program?
If you do not have a medical prescription, it does not stop you from signing up for the program. However, the medical prescription is very important, We recommend that you consult your physician to obtain a prescription in order to begin talking the medication on the program.

Can I send someone else to make purchases on my behalf?
Yes. When you sign up, you can authorize a relative or caregiver. As long as this person gives the membership card number or the patient’s ID number, he or she can do your purchases/exchanges.

May I ask a family member to claim the Exchange for me?
Yes the person who has the membership card number or the patient’s ID number can claim the exchange.

Do I have to renew my membership every year?
No, membership renewal is not necessary. However, it is important to regularly update any change to your contact information, as we will be sending you confirmation of redemptions, communications of new benefits, etc. via email and / or SMS.

Does the program work in another countries?
Yes, it works in Central American countries, Dominican Republic, Trinidad and Tobago.

When can I request an exchange?
When you purchase the tablets required as specified in the Exchanges Table.

How do I know if I can make an Exchange?
You can:
-Call the CelebrateLife number and use the automated system(IVR) to check on your balance.
-Log in with your card number and password, and check your account.
-Additionally, if you provide an email or cell phone when signing up, you will receive messages informing you or available exchanges.

Do exchanges have an annual limit?
Please refer to the Annual Maximums Exchanges.
These maximums have been defined according to the product dosage indications.

What am I to do if something happens to my card?
You should call the CelebrateLife call center and ask for a new digital card to be assigned to your current account.

What days and time can I redeem?
The schedule to exchange will depend on the hours of operation of the participating pharmacy.

Where can I request an exchange?
The exchange can be done at any of the participating pharmacies , by giving the membership card number or giving your ID number exactly as you provided when signing up to the CelebrateLife and requesting your medicine with no cost.

What benefits does CelebrateLife gives me?
Benefits you will receive are: free medicine, educational material about your specific medical condition, among others. New benefits will be added in the future. We communicate new benefits via email or SMS message. You may also review the Program benefits Here.

What are the attending hours of the call center ?
The office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am. 9:00 pm. saturday from 10:00 am. 5:00 pm.

How long do I have to wait to redeem?
You can claim your exchanges whenever you want, as long as you have enough tablets to make the Exchange according to the Exchange table. Your purchases will be available in the CelebrateLife program for a whole year since the date of the purchase.

Can I transfer purchases to someone else?
No, you can´t transfer purchases to another person.

Does my Account or membership card Expires?
No it never expires, but the accumulated tablets have a one year expiration.

Would I lose my accumulated tablets if I move to another country?
No, you won't lose any purchases, however, you must update your contact information by calling the call center or by accessing the program web site. You can continue using the same card at any of the participating pharmacies in that country. Please read the terms and conditions for the country where you are residing, as different terms and conditions may apply due to local regulation.

If I became affiliated in another country. Do I have to replace the CelebrateLife account?
No, you don't need to replace it. If you are traveling, your account will work without any problem in the country´s specific participating pharmacies. If you now reside in another participating country, simply update your profile you will be able to enjoy the CelebrateLife program benefits and your accumulated purchases can still be redeemed. Please read the terms and conditions of your country of residence, different terms and conditions may apply due to local regulations.

If I´m enrolled in the CelebrateLife program and I buy medicine for my husband, myself and others, is it possible to split the exchanges between them?
In CelebrateLife each patient must be enrolled. Purchases for several patients cannot be accumulated in one account.

How can I be sure that an exchange was properly applied?
Every exchange will be assigned a registration code, which ensures that it was entered in the system. You can also inquire via the program call center or the program web site Sign up, to verify that your exchanges were registered correctly.

What are operational and Educational notifications?
Operational notifications are those aimed at reminding you to refill your prescription, and following your doctor’s instructions; as well as confirmation of any transaction done with your account.
Educational notifications are those lifestyle tips and suggestions regarding your illness.

How to change my notifications?
You can adjust or remove any notification by logging in to your account and selecting "Subscriptions" in the left menu. You can also contact the Call Center and request for any adjustment.

What is the process to activate my card account online?
It`s important to point out that to sign up, it’s a different process than the account activation to use it in the website.
In order to activate your acccount you must go to the “Sign up” link in this web site, after two basic steps you’ll be registered as a user in the website. Or you can contact the call center calling your country listed number.
Once you are signed up, proceed as follows:
  • In the “card number:” field, input the 8 digit number located in the front of your card. please contact the call center and request an e-mail with the digital membership card.
  • In the “Email” and “confirm Email” fields, proceed to input your e-mail Address where you wish to receive an enrollment link that will take you to your profile.
  • Go to your Email inbox, and check for an email with the subject “Welcome to the CelebrateLife program/ AstraZeneca”, in case you can’t find it, look in the spam folder.
  • Click the link and check the box accepting the regulations.
  • If you aren’t signed up, proceed to complete all the fields with your personal data.