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We accompany our patient in the management of their condition

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Our objectives

WE ACCOMPANY OUR PATIENTS. Through advice and relevant information on health conditions.

WE IMPROVE CONTINUITY. Providing our patients with tools that allows abetter continuity to their treatment.

WE PROVIDE ACCESS. By helping our patients to have better and more adequate access to their treatment.

Let's take care of our health

This spot is specially designed for you, where you can find different educational materials and tools to improve your life quailty. Be a part of Celebrate Life Program!

Understand the messages of your body

Do you have Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)? Take the symptoms test here

Know your diabetes

Promomats Code: CC-3817

Know about diabetic foot

Promomats Code: CC-3817

Beat diabetes!

Promomats Code: CC-3817

Mobility routine

Register and enjoy our benefits!

Benefits for chronic patients

Product royalty after the fourth purchase in patients who consume any of the participating products.

Benefits for polymedicated patients

Product royalty after the second purchase in patients who consume 2 or more porductos from our cardiometabolic portfolio.

Additional benefits

Discounts on nutritionists, lab tests, home nebulization support, and more.

Consult through the call center the benefits that apply in your country


Free educational content about your disease.

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Would you like to know more information
about AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine?

“a more informed patient is a person more commited to their health

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