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Breathing in the management of anxiety

In times like the ones we are living in, it is very common for all people to feel anxiety about different circumstances.

Anxiety is an emotion that we have all experienced at some point and that helps the body prepare to do something important, activating our nervous system and in general the entire body to face a threat, danger or concern and is a normal reaction where We can feel our hearts racing, we breathe harder in a shallow way, we experience from sweating and even headaches. Although they are natural reactions, if these symptoms are not controlled, they are negative for health, so it is important to be able to identify it at an early stage and be able to apply some methods and recommendations that help us cope with that moment.

This exercise can be done between 3 and 4 times, always taking your time between each breath.

It is important to note how you feel at the end of the exercise and take into account that dizziness may occur the first few times if you breathe too fast, if that happens slow down your breathing and resume at a slower pace.

After making this technique a habit, you will not only notice better control in anxiety situations, but you will be able to enjoy other benefits during your physical activity, interpersonal relationships and everyday situations. It should be noted that anxiety management must be approached in a comprehensive manner, acquiring healthy lifestyle habits such as physical exercise, good nutrition, leisure activities, in addition to assisting with a psychology professional who can help you manage better. your anxiety.

It is important that you always consult with your treating physician before performing any physical activity or respiratory exercise, in order to adapt it to your pathology or treatment.


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