What are COPD crisis or exacerbations and why are they so dangerous?

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A crisis or exacerbation is a sudden aggravation of the COPD symptoms, caused by the increase of inflammation. This worsening of the symptoms results in an additional treatment.4

If your COPD symptoms have worsen so much that you had to have additional medical attention, such as prescribed oral steroids or antibiotics, it is possible that you may have experienced a mild COPD exacerbation.

If you had to go to the ER or have been hospitalized because of your COPD, you may have experienced an acute COPD exacerbation.

COPD exacerbations can cause a permanent lung damage. Knowing the symptoms may help you identify an exacerbartion. To prevent them, it is important that you follow your GP recommendations.


Be the one in control of your Chronic Obstructive Pulmonar Disease (COPD)

Do you think you may be at risk of having an exarcerbation?

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