Regulations for the “Celebrate Life” Program – Trinidad and Tobago

In view of the fact that the Applicable Laws and Regulations including but not limited to the CARICOM Model Consumer Protection Legislation in the form of a New Consumer Protection and Empowerment Act establish unavoidable duties for objective and true information in any advertising made in connection with offers and promotions, in order that consumers may not be affected by deceiving advertising, and also to prevent unfair competition, the company named ASTRAZENECA CAMCAR COSTA RICA SOCIEDAD ANÓNIMA, a company organized and existing under the laws of the Republic of Costa Rica, company identification number 3-101-504452 (the “Organizer”), do hereby disclose to the public, for all the appropriate legal purposes, that these Regulations (the “Regulations”) which shall govern all matters related to the Celebrate Life Program, in accordance with the following clauses:


These Regulations establish and clarify the conditions under which the Celebrate Life Program, (hereinafter referred to as the “Program”) shall be conducted. These provisions shall be mandatory for participants and organizers. It is understood that any participant in the Program is aware of and agrees to the conditions and restrictions set forth in these Regulations. Participation in the Program implies the decision of the participant to comply with and abide by these rules and the decisions of the Organizer, which shall be final in all matters related to the Program. Any violation of those rules and decisions or the procedures or systems established for implementation of the Program shall imply the immediate exclusion from it and/or revocation of the appropriate benefits.


ASTRAZENECA CAMCAR COSTA RICA S.A., is the Organizer of the Program and solely liable for it. It can engage any third parties of its election for the purpose of managing and/or providing some of the services that are part of the Program.


Those individuals whose respective physicians prescribe any of the products described in Exhibit 1, can become participants in the Program, provided they meet all the following requirements:

I. – To be at least 18 years of age; although minors can participate through their duly authorized guardians or parents.

II. – To express their desire to participate in the Program;

III. – To enroll to the program using the telephone numbers or website provided for the purpose by the Organizer, accepting the conditions established in these Regulations.


The term of he Program is 2 years counted from the 15th day of October, 2019. The Organizer can extend this term.


The Program is valid at those participant drugstores inside the territory of Trinidad and Tobago that are duly affiliated to the Program. The participants of the Program shall be responsible for verifying that the drugstores where they purchase participant products are duly affiliated to the Program.


THE PROGRAM offers the following telephone number to the participants and any persons interested in further information about THE PROGRAM: Trinidad & Tobago: 1-(844) -436-8678 Toll free Line Available for Digicel and Landline. Tel.: 1-(868)-224-5704.

The participants may also consult the latest version of these Regulations in  as well as all information related to THE PROGRAM at the website:

Any query or comment about the Program, participant drugstores or any other matter related to it can be made at the telephone number listed in this clause.


Only patients who have received a prescription for any of the products specified in Clause 3 of these Regulations can participate in the Program. They shall enroll in to the program using the telephone numbers or website mentioned in Clause 6 of these Regulations, or else using any other channel provided by the Organizer, accepting the conditions herein established.

In order to have access to the benefits, participants shall:

I. Register with the Program with only one enrollment per participant.

II. Purchase the product at the participant drugstores of the Program. The list of participant drugstores can be obtained by calling the telephone number or visiting the website of the Program. The purchases made at a drugstore not registered with the Program cannot be recorded and accrued to obtain benefits under the Program;

III. Present the membership card at the time of making the first purchase of participant products. For following purchases the patient shall present its membership card or its identity card.

IV. Ask the drugstore to record the purchase made at the time of the purchase. Such purchase shall be valid for 1 year, at the end of which it shall expire if not used for an exchange, being deleted from the purchases accrued by the participant.

V. Meet the number of recorded purchases required in accordance with Exhibit I: Table of Exchanges and Maximum Exchanges.

VI. Apply for an exchange at the participant drugstores of the Program. In order to have access to other benefits offered by the Program, the participant shall coordinate the delivery thereof using the telephone numbers or website provided for the purpose by the Organizer, meeting the conditions set forth in these Regulations.


The Program participants are responsible for:

a. Applying with their Program participant physician or preferred drugstore for a membership card of the Program, as well as registering through any of the channels established in Clause 6, providing all real data required by the Program. Likewise, participants shall update their information if there is any change during their time of participation in the Program.

b. Taking care of the membership card and reporting any damage or loss thereof in order that the Program may disable the damaged/lost card and assign a new one to the participant. The Organizer shall not be liable for any undue use by third parties of the membership card of a participant; and shall not replace any exchanges or benefits requested without the authorization of a participant who is the holder of a membership card that has not been reported lost/stolen by its holder.

c. Using his membership card every time he/she makes a purchase or requests free product of a participant product at a drugstore registered with the Program; and asking the drugstore to record the transaction, following the procedures established by the Program.

d. Using his card only for personal purchases and exchanges and not registering purchases or exchanges of relatives, friends or third parties, because the membership card is personal and the Program permits only transactions of a participant per card.

e. Using the channels provided for the purpose by the Organizer, the participant can report any Adverse Event that may have occurred as a result of the consumption of any product of The Organizer even if the product is not in the Program.

f. Complying in full and accurately with the instructions and prescriptions of his physician, including but not limited to the terms and dosages of the prescribed medications. Notwithstanding the above, the Organizer shall not be liable for the use and consumption by participants of the products related to the Program, being such use and consumption the sole responsibility of the participant.


I. – Use the card to register group purchases or purchases of third parties.

II. – Transfer purchases or benefits to third parties.

III. – Record purchases by himself, or purchases that are recorded by the drugstore on a date other than the purchase date.


The Program participants can have the following advantages:

I.- To receive the benefit of free product; in such way that after purchasing a specific number of tablets of any of the participant products as specified in Clause 3 of these Regulations, they shall receive for free the number of products detailed in Exhibit I: Table of Exchanges and Maximum Exchanges. The exchange shall operate only in those cases in which the participant can demonstrate to the respective drugstore that he/she is still in need of the respective product, producing a medical prescription issued within the last year. The Organizer, its affiliates, representatives and directors, shall not be liable in any case for any damages that may be suffered by a person who consumes the product delivered in an exchange, not being the consumption of such product being recommended by a physician; accordingly, each participant shall be responsible for the use given to product received in an exchange. Therefore, the participant releases the Organizer from any liability that may arise out of those cases in which the respective drugstore misuses the product delivered for the use thereof in the Program. The Organizer cannot be required to replace the benefit or product offered in exchange for any other product, good or service, or apply it to discounts or another type of advantages. In order to be entitled to the benefit or exchange, the participant shall meet all requirements set forth in these Regulations. The products offered in an exchange are indivisible, non-transferrable and non-negotiable, for any other product and/or benefit.

II.- In accordance with the maximum usual prescriptions, the Organizer has established a Table of Exchanges and Maximum Exchanges (Exhibit I) allowed during a calendar year to each participant. Any participant, even if he/she has accrued a sufficient volume of purchases to request more free product, cannot request more than the amount specified in the Table of Exchanges and Maximum Exchanges (Exhibit I). Any participant can request a review of his case to the Organizer submitting the documentation he/she may deem necessary, and the Organizer reserves the right to approve exceptions, when it may consider, in its judgment, that the evidence provided does justify the exception and there is medical support to exceed the maximums established in the Table of Exchanges and Maximum Exchanges (Exhibit I).


The Organizer shall be liable only as provided in these Regulations. The Organizer shall consider as beneficiary of the advantages of the Program, including the right to a benefit or exchange specified in these Regulations, the individual who has been assigned the membership card meeting all requirements set forth in these Regulations. The Organizer does not assume any liability for any damages caused by an event of act of God, force majeure or acts of third parties, or for any failure by the participants to comply with these Regulations.


The Organizer reserves the right to modify at any time the Program, the list of participant products, the table of exchanges and maximum exchanges allowed, or any other feature, document, process or mechanics of the Program, with the sole obligation of communicating such change in the Program website, and, if necessary, reflect such changes in these Regulations.


The Organizer reserves the right to suspend the Program at any time, fully or partially, on a temporary basis or permanently, also reserving the right to cancel the affiliation of any participant to the Program if the existence of a fraudulent assignment or claim of benefits is proven. Any act of deception, fraud or forgery that hinders the normal implementation of the Program and any actions which, in the judgment of the Organizer, are illegal or prohibited as herein established and/or under the applicable legislation, and may cause any damage to the Program or its organizers, can be prosecuted as provided by law.


Participation of legal entities in the Program is forbidden. If any social welfare institution or organization that helps participants to obtain their medications wishes to participate in the Program or transfer the benefits of the Program to its participants, it can contact the Program in order that the case may be analyzed by the Organizer. The Organizer reserves the right to provide the Program benefits fully or partially to any organizations, foundations or institutions of this kind.


The participants authorize access to their information as well as the inclusion thereof into a database if required by The Organizer during the term of the Program and for a term of ten years following completion of the Program, further authorizing the use of the information designated for such purposes by the Organizer for any end authorized by the respective legal system, including but not limited to: sharing the information with physicians for treatment monitoring, with a preferred drugstore or third parties who, in the judgment of the Organizer, should have such information in the benefit of the participant and/or the treatment of the participant. The Organizer shall also permit the participants to have access to their information at their request. Notwithstanding the above, it is understood that the Organizer shall not have direct access to any personal information that may permit to identify the participants personally; and that such information would be managed by third parties engaged by the Organizer for those purposes. In addition, the participants authorize the Organizer to send text messages, e-mails, post or communications using any other available means, in connection with the Program, to the cell phone and/or addresses reported at the time of registration with the Program; as well as to make calls to:

I.- Communicate any relevant changes that may affect the participant.

II.- Validate purchases or exchanges recorded in the name of the participant.

III.- Update the participant’s information -Coordinate delivery of any benefit requested by the participant.

IV.- Coordinate delivery of any benefit requested by the participant.

V.- For other matters related to the Program.

The Organizer shall make available to the participant the appropriate channels to request exclusion from the contact lists of the Program, in which case, the participant shall no longer be entitled to participate in the Program, including the right to any exchange that may pending as of that date.


These Regulations shall apply on an equal basis to all Program participants. Failure to comply with any clause of these Regulations might result, in the judgment of the Organizer, in the exclusion of the participant from the Program and the loss of all benefits not yet redeemed.


No provision of the Program shall be construed as creating any relationship between the parties other than the one that arises out of the normal course of trade resulting from participation in the Program. No participant or beneficiary of the advantages of the Program may become an employee, representative or agent of the Organizer in virtue of such participation. Upon compliance with the obligations set forth in these Regulations, the relationship between the parties shall be considered duly terminated.


A copy of these Regulations shall be available to all participants the Program at the following website:

Any doubt or inquiry concerning the scope and interpretation of these Regulations or a request of a digital copy thereof can be expressed or made by telephone using the telephone numbers or website provided for the purpose by the Organizer. The information provided does not alter or modify these Regulations.