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Our Celebrate life program give your patients a voice

Our Celebrate life program give your patients a voice

Behind every treatment there is a patient.

Behind each patient there is a person, a family, a story.


Diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer

What has cost you more?

“Tell my mom. Not so much that I have broken the news to me.”

Regardless of the diagnosis, we have to move on.

The professional team that treats us in hospitals or in the clinic where we are, they will always try to give us the best treatment. And I think that in no way do we have discontinue treatment or eat food.


Diagnosed with Severe Asthma

What do you dream with?

“I dream of getting every day more. More goals, achieve more goals.”

What costs me the most of the disease is to fight against something that is chronic.


I feel good, I feel very full like a car new at this point in my life. The family that is always there encourages me to ght, but also Another alien family is approaching, which is the family of the doctors and that of friends.


Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

What has cost you more?

“The hardest part of the whole process, though seems ironic, it was cutting my hair. ”

My daughters and my husband constantly motivate, are pieces essential in my life.

I dream of seeing my daughters grow up. I wanted to get to the moment when they said to me: “Mom, I have a boyfriend.”

Emily Solis

Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes

Accepting the changes...


I have learned that a diabetic person can eat any number of things, a few years ago they used to tell you that you were diabetic and it was like being condemned for life.


Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

What advice would you give to a person who has been diagnosed with cancer?

"Let's give ourselves a chance to think that there is a different outcome..."

What if we bite the monster to death?

That uncertainty that accompanies us from the moment we are diagnosed, is one of the most difficult parts that we must try to appease in ourselves in order to be functional in the life we lead.

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