Tips for managing asthma triggers

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Dust mites1

We recommend you to:

 Wash your bed linen every week with hot water or cold water 
and detergent.

 Cover your mattress and pillows with special dust-resistant

Use dehumidifiers so that humidity is between 30% and 50%.

Remove carpets, if you have them in your home, to prevent mites.

Avoid stuffed animals in bed or places where you sleep. 

Tobacco smoke1

Don’t let anyone smoke inside your house and keep them from smoking near you. If you smoke it is important that you stop.

Animal dandruff1

If you have animals at home that have hair do not allow them to enter the place where you sleep or where there are carpets and upholstery. 

Also ensure that your pets are brushed regularly to reduce the amount of hair in the environment. 


Many people are allergic to dry cockroach droppings and the remains of them. So we suggest:

Keeping food and trash in closed containers.
Avoid leaving food or dirty dishes out in the open.
Using insecticide in the form of gel or paste.


Do not limit yourself to physical activity. Talk to your doctor about what exercises you can do, how often and at what intensity.

 Avoid low-ventilated, closed spaces when exercising.
Remember to use preventive medications before any physical activity.
Take 5 to 10 minutes to warm up before exercise.


Avoid vacuuming, you better ask someone else to do it 1 or 2 times a week.
• If you have to do it, use a mask.

Intense odors, aerosols or vapors1

Avoid using smoke stoves or fireplaces.
Try to stay away from strong odors and sprays such as perfume, talcum powder, lacquer and paints.

Moho del ambiente interior1

We recommend cleaning the mold from all hard surfaces with soap and water and drying it completely using gloves.

Outdoor Pollen and mold1

Try to keep the windows closed.

If you leave home, try to change your clothes when you return to avoid spreading the spores you bring from outside.

Cold air1

Cover your nose and mouth on windy or cold days and avoid being in air-conditioned places.

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