Medications for cholesterol

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For some people, lifestyle changes, such as a better diet and more exercise, can prevent or treat unhealthy cholesterol levels. For others with high cholesterol, medication may be needed. 6

Work with your doctor on the treatment plan that fits your measurements. If taking medicines is required, be sure to take all prescribed medications. 6

Several types of medications are used to lower blood cholesterol levels. Statins are the most recommended medications for most patients. These are the only class of cholesterol-lowering drugs, which have been associated with reducing the risk of heart disease and cerebrovascular events.6

When talking about adherence to treatment, there is talk of compliance with the instructions provided to you by your doctor this includes dose and time, that is, the exact amount of medicine at indicated doses.

If a patient has adequate adherence to treatment, it may reduce the chances of having atherosclerosis, stroke, angina or heart attacks. 7


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